At Borrelli Wines Ltd., we make your wine making experience as worry free as possible. If you are an inexperienced winemaker, not properly equipped, or just don't have the time to rack, and filter your own wine, allow us to assist you in your winemaking endeavor. For an additional $55.00 facility charge per batch we will rack and filter your wine all while providing the proper environment and the facilities for winemaking. All you need to do is start the fermentation process by dropping the yeast into your batch and bottling your wine when it is finished. When your bottling appointment has arrived, you simply bring in your bottles or purchase them in store and use our automated equipment to bottle, cork, and accessorize your bottles with shrink caps and labels (including custom designs for a fee). Making wine couldn't be any easier!

   If you have any troubles understanding any of the terms below feel free to visit our Glossary.

Step 1

  Selecting the Wine and Process

Wine is a sophisticated beverage; we will help you understand what your wine preferences are. Our experienced winemakers will guide you through our list of wines explaining each as well as their process and the flavour behind them. You can choose to start from our seasonal grapes; Vin Bon's award winning premium juices; or one of our great wine kits that will provide everything you need to get set up at home or keep the wine on premise. We also allow you to add your own flavours during the process to add a rich aroma to your wine.

Step 2

  Starting Fermentation

Once you select your grapes, grape juice, or concentrate of choice you simply add the yeast and other ingredients (if required) to your batch. Grapes must be destemmed and crushed before you start your batch (grapes are available from September-November). You may also ferment your wine in a genuine oak barrel to produce an oaked flavoured wine.

Step 3

  First Racking & Degassing

Once the yeast has had a chance to settle and grow the batch is monitored by our expert staff to ensure that it is fermenting properly. Once the wine has gone through primary and secondary fermentation the wine will be racked into it's original fermentation vessel and stirred vigorously to degass it. The wine is then airlocked and placed in the perfect temperature for it's completion.

Step 4

  Stablization & Clarifying

The Wine is then syphoned off the sediment into a brewing bucket where potassium sorbate, metabisulphite and finings are added. It is then stirred to drive off dissolved CO2 gas which can make the wine sharp and hard to clear. The fermenting container is then cleaned and the wine is syphoned back into it. It is then stirred or shaken 3 - 4 times daily for the next two days to drive off all the CO2 gases. It is then stored once again until the next step 8 days later.

Step 5


The wine is then syphoned off the sediment again and campden tablets are added to sterilize the wine and inhibit the further growth of the yeast. It is then syphoned back into the cleaned fermentation vessel and is left to stand for another 2 days.

Step 6

  Filtering & Bottling

The wine is then optionally filtered to give it a professional appearance and to remove any left over sediment. Finally it is time to taste your wine! If the wine is too dry you can add conditioner to sweeten it. The wine is then bottled by you and the corks are set in place using our automated machinery.

Step 7

Enjoy your wine with your family and friends!